PURIMA receives another major order in electromobility#.

Large order automotive industry 3D model

A well-known, globally active automotive supplier has placed an order with PURIMA for the manufacture of a pretreatment plant. In the plant, different components from different battery trays are prepared for the subsequent bonding and welding process.

In implementing this demanding task, we decided to design a fully automated modular system that treats the cleaning material by means of two automatic transport systems in 9 aqueous process tanks and a drying zone. The components are then brought to a defined temperature via a cooling zone and subsequent hermetically sealed cooling chamber. The waste heat from the cooling zones is used for preheating in the inlet airlock at the dryer to also meet sustainability, in this case energy recovery. As soon as a product carrier has passed through all treatment stages, it is handed over by PURIMA Logistics and fed into the customer’s welding process.

Proven plant technology meets sophisticated logistics

For this purpose, the PURIMA design team is developing a logistics concept with goods carriers for small parts, profiles and welded assemblies. These are transported fully automatically via different conveyor sections to the feeding station. After pre-treatment in the plant, the differently equipped product carriers are fed via further conveyor sections to the individual unloading stations, where they are emptied by robots and reloaded in the next station. 


For more than 30 years PURIMA has been the specialist for special plant engineering in the field of industrial parts cleaning, air technology and heat technology. Today, our plant concepts ‘made in OWL’ convince cross-industry customers from all over the world. Our customers include well-known companies from all branches of the manufacturing industry.