Commissioning successfully completed: PURIMA fully automatically cleans wheelsets for freight and passenger cars

For a major customer in the rail industry, the task was to develop an automated cleaning system that was integrated into a new production line and efficiently cleans complete wheelsets in their assembled state fully automatically and with consistent results.

Automatic PURIMA cleaning solution for wheelsets

Whether testing work or painting measures - the basis for any form of further processing of the wheelsets is comprehensive cleaning of dirt, rust and paint residues. The PURIMA cleaning system meets the customer's cleanliness requirements and enables optimized wheelset regeneration while saving labor.

Many reasons speak for customized cleaning automation

The application-flexible technology with a robot-assisted high-pressure water process enables non-abrasive cleaning and paint stripping that is gentle on the material. A robot-guided high-pressure water nozzle travels fully automatically along the contours of the wheel set with a rotating water jet and a pressure of up to 3,000 bar and cleans them completely without damaging the surface. Afterwards, the wheelsets are blown off with air for complete drying and fogged with a corrosion inhibitor. Various settings, as well as pre-programmed process steps, can be controlled directly via the HMI positioned outside the robotic cell, and all parameters can be constantly monitored and visualized. Environmentally friendly aspects also played a major role in the plant design. The wastewater is reliably treated to high standards by a comprehensive filtration system, as well as an additional treatment plant, and is fed back to the high-pressure nozzle in a closed-loop system.