GMP compliant heat chamber for leading pharmaceutical company#.

Heat technology melting ointments pharma

Guaranteed GMP quality

The pharmaceutical giant uses the heat chamber to melt raw materials such as lanolin or petrolatum, for the production of creams and ointments. In the process of melting by heating via heat exchangers with saturated steam, high-performance fans ensure continuous heat circulation and uniform flow around up to 24 raw material drums per chamber at temperatures of 90 ± 1 °C.
The complete plant, which consists of 3 chambers, yields a total processing capacity of approximately 14.5 tons of raw material. Due to its positioning between the raw material storage area and the production area, the heating chamber in complete stainless steel design also functions as a material lock and hermetically separates the two clean room areas from each other. In order to guarantee the quality of the end product, GMP-compliant design was the top priority.

Most diverse parameters brought into harmony

In addition to the design according to GMP criteria, the temperature control was also a special challenge. Different product-specific temperature values such as processing, melting and decomposition temperature had to be taken into account. All parameters had to be integrated into a reliable and safe control system. The result is 6 different temperature ranges that are continuously measured and documented. The individual raw material drums are released via the control system after their individual dwell time. This guarantees complete and uniform material melting and complete documentation.

PURIMA as a special machine construction manufactures heat chambers for thermal treatment (preheating, heating, melting) entirely according to individual customer requirements and for a wide range of tasks in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive or food industry.


For more than 30 years PURIMA has been the specialist for special plant engineering in the field of industrial parts cleaning, air technology and heat technology. Today, our plant concepts ‘made in OWL’ convince cross-industry customers from all over the world. Our customers include well-known companies from all branches of the manufacturing industry.