Our plants operate economically, sustainably and in a process-integrated manner.

The starting point of any project is the components that are to be treated. What is the part geometry, how sensitive are the surfaces, how large or small are the parts, what is the cleaning target? – These are just a few questions that are looked at closely during the needs assessment. In addition, we follow the holistic requirement to ensure the most resource-saving, fault-resistant and cost-minimizing operation possible. And this is also reflected in each of the diverse plant systems – which we would like to introduce to you here.



Our Flowtronic® type systems are made for applications with high material throughput and at the same time meet the highest cleanliness requirements.



Rototronic® cleaning systems are capable of performing all movements and angular positions to clean components with complex geometries.

High-pressure water system

High-pressure water systems

PURIMA high pressure plants are based on pure water cleaning without the addition of chemicals at maximum mechanical energy.

Rinsing and testing system

Rinsing and testing equipment

Flushing and testing systems are used for a wide variety of line types, some of which have the highest cleanliness requirements.

Single chamber spraying system

Single-chamber spraying system

Our single-chamber spraying systems treat a wide variety of components using the spraying process. The products to be cleaned are as individual as the plant itself.

Basket washer

Basket washer

Basket washers on aqueous basis treat serial parts in high quantities or also individual single parts at highest cleanliness requirements by multiple layer changes.

Rotary transfer machine plant

Rotary transfer machine

The PURIMA rotary transfer machines handle series parts in high volumes with the highest cleanliness requirements in the tightest of spaces.

Plant media preparation

Equipment for media preparation

Whichever cleaning technology our customer chooses – the desired performance is only guaranteed if the media used in the system meet the highest requirements for cleanliness and cleaning efficiency.

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