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Always by your side –
customer service by PURIMA

PURIMA’s cleaning systems are known for their high resilience and availability, long service life and exceptional ease of use and servicing. To guarantee this for the entire life cycle of your system, PURIMA is here to support you with maintenance, repairs, overhauls and modernisation work. And, of course, the swift provision of replacement and wearing parts is also included in PURIMA’s comprehensive service offering. 

Good to know: if something isn’t quite going to plan with a system or new functions are required, PURIMA’s service technicians needn’t necessarily travel to the customer’s site. “We are able to solve many cases quickly and efficiently byremote maintenance,” assures PURIMA’s Head of Services.  

The services offered are very diverse and can, like each individual system, be tailored to the customer’s individual requirements. To help you use your system efficiently, we also offer training sessions, maintenance contracts, video documentation and augmented support.  
Please contact us if you are interested in any of these services – we would be delighted to hear from you! 

Service areas

PURIMA Service.

Knows no borders

PURIMA and its technicians are active around the world. In concrete terms, that means we’re there for you no matter where you’re based! You benefit from the experience of our service specialists and from the swift support provided by our service network. With expert assembly and preventive maintenance, our technicians guarantee maximum reliability for your equipment.  

Vor Ort Service

Our on-site service.

We’re there when you need us

Your carefree service#.​

You can reach our competent DENIOS service partners from

Monday to Thursday from 7:00 to 16:00 and
Friday from 7:00 to 14:00.


Inspection and maintenance.

Use our preventive services

With regular inspections and maintenance, you can improve the availability and the service life of your equipment. We adjust our inspection intervals to your equipment utilisation patterns. This gives you high machine availability and excellent production reliability: in turn, this means you only incur expenditures that are really necessary. 

During inspections, we assess the current condition of your machine. Our service specialists test all the basic settings and check wear, functioning and safety. You subsequently receive a replacement and wearing parts recommendation tailored to your needs. 

Inspektion und Wartung

Your advantages.

Replacement and wearing parts service.

For the smooth operation of your equipment

When designing our systems we always make sure we use components that are durable and least prone to issues. However, it is perfectly normal in the long-term operation of equipment for it to become necessary to exchange parts at times. PURIMA can replace these parts and components for you quickly and on site. Easy access to possible wearing parts and sophisticated system design ensure that, in ideal cases, ongoing operations needn’t be interrupted. We also always keep a standard range of replacement parts in stock for you to avoid long delivery times.

PURIMA Produktion


Are you restructuring, changing your production process or moving?

We would be happy to help you relocate your PURIMA system. From dismantling to reassembly and subsequent function test, we provide a comprehensive service from a single source. We can also carry out the expert renovation and extension of an existing system. Please contact us for more information or a concrete proposal  .   

Together towards
your solution.

Get in touch now. 

Every project begins with an idea or a client request. The best solutions emerge in a joint dialogue with our clients from all over the world. Contact us and take the first step towards your customised system solution in the field of industrial parts cleaning or the capture of harmful substances. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!