Heating technology.

Heating technology for optimal control of substance temperatures

Be it the pharmaceutical, chemicals or food industry: in many industries it is necessary to store substances within a certain temperature range or make sure they are ready for further processing through heat exposure. Typical processes include heating or melting substances such as resins, additives or oil-based substances 

Heating system solutions that are individually adapted to customer applications and requirements and that can be seamlessly integrated into production processes and logistics are often called for here. Besides achieving the target state of the handled substance, another important quality criterion is the convenience and comfort of the system. PURIMA adjusts the degree of automation of its systems to cater to the customer’s individual requirements. They meet rigorous hygiene standards. In PURIMA’s thermo-technology solutions, each process step is digitised and monitored to guarantee maximum user safety 

Depending on the requirements, it is also possible to realise several heat chambers with different temperature levels, e.g. for different substance preparations as a flow-through system or in a thermal system with a single storage position. Products can be placed and removed either fully automatically or manually. At the same time, in many cases the heat chambers also fulfil the function of a lock, e.g. to divide two cleanroom classes, or they serve as a transition from warehouse to production plant.

Our systems can be manufactured in stainless steel or standard steel with an appropriate paint finish in accordance with the customer’s wishes.  

Selection of substances that can be handled:

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PURIMA heating technology

You can realise the following processes and more with PURIMA heating technology:  

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Case study.

Cooperation project with DENIOS

Together with our cooperation partner DENIOS, PURIMA has realised a customised machine for melting the substances that are handled in the pharmaceutical industry. Not only is the ideal melting temperature achieved in a very short time, the multi-chamber system also meets all the customary safety standards and fits in perfectly into the customer’s production process. 

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