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Metal workpieces efficient

Wherever sheet metal is punched, lasered or cut, so-called burrs occur: These can be, for example, fraying or splinters of a metallic workpiece, which – before the workpiece can be further processed – must be removed. This prevents damage caused by scratching neighboring parts, for example. PURIMA offers deburring processes that are both economical and gentle on the material.


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Cleaning components E cars

Fully automated cleaning on a length of 30 meters#.

A fully automated and integrated into the customer’s infrastructure integrated cleaning system for components of battery trays, which are used as fixed components in e-vehicles PURIMA, the Porta Westfalica-based expert for industrial component cleaning, has successfully implemented a cleaning system for a major customer in the automotive industry. Along a production line, these are first machined and deburred and then require thorough cleaning. And then require thorough cleaning which completely removes both remaining traces of oil and chips.

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