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Whether the cause is chemical, biological or radioactive: certain types of dirt and impurities – also known as contamination – can be dangerous for anyone who comes into contact with them. Objects, areas or people can all become contaminated. To prevent this, NBC protection (against nuclear, biological and chemical contamination) stipulates that appropriate safety precautions must be taken in a contaminated environment. These can include safety areas and protective clothing. The most effective protection is, of course, achieved through the avoidance or removal of contamination. By law, contaminated parts such as pipes that have been used deep under the earth in the extraction of oil or gas, for example, must be cleared of radioactivity before they can be transported away from the site where they were used. For these and other similarly responsible tasks, PURIMA can provide the right system solution – be that as a mobile solution with HGV/containers or a stationary unit. 

Component images.

Pipes for the oil industry that have been decontaminated with high-pressure water (3000 bar).


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