Component cleaning for the marine industry.

Applications for the marine industry

Motors of all kinds have complex geometries and need to be cleaned during the production process as well as in the course of maintenance work for a variety of reasons. The same applies to large ships: There, however, the oversized ship engine components weigh over 100 tons: By no means an obstacle, but just a new challenge for the special plant experts from PURIMA.

Practical example#.

Cleaning of cylinder crankcases for marine engines

PURIMA, the parts cleaning specialist from Porta Westfalica, took on the task of cleaning, rinsing and drying complex workpieces. For customers who, among other things, maintain ship components and manufacture large engines for the shipping industry, PURIMA has developed an automated cleaning system that cleans large-dimensioned, 110-ton, cylinder crankcases of ship engines fully automatically and efficiently. They are manufactured mechanically before you clean them and are contaminated by chips, oils, cooling lubricants or casting dust. Since the large workpieces are geometrically complex, we were faced with the challenge of cleaning not only the surfaces, but also all recesses and bores with the utmost precision.

Case Study Rototronic-Grosse-Reinigungslösung
Case Study Rototronic-Grosse-Reinigungslösung

Large Workpieces#.

Great challenge

The requirements for cleaning marine engines together with all associated threads and bores are manifold:

ROTOTRONIC cleaning system#.

Your advantages at a glance

Reinigungsanlage Rototronic


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More than 30 years ago, PURIMA set out to support customers with individual challenges in the production process. This has been an essential part of the company’s DNA since its foundation and drives us every day. In contact with customers we want to understand all requirements exactly, so that we can realize the best solution. In order to achieve the customer’s goals, we always carry out an exact needs analysis based on this and combine different processes and production steps in a targeted manner in a cleaning, air handling or heating technology system – this saves space in production and conserves capital. We always maintain an open, transparent and appreciative exchange with our business partners: in our view, this is the basis for mutual success.

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