Conservation: long lifecycles
for your workpieces

Although the method is most familiar to us from the food industry, conservation is also a common practice in many fields of industry as a way of extending durability by slowing down the ageing processes of workpieces. For example, metal workpieces can be protected against corrosion processes by applying a protective layer of conservation oil or passivating them. However, to ensure that the protection medium can be applied to cover the entire surface, components must be thoroughly cleaned of production residues and dried beforehand. We can combine these steps for you in one PURIMA system. 


Case studies.

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Case Study Lufthansa Plant

Reliable cleaning meets intelligent logistics#.

Order: cleaning engine components | Challenge: complex geometries and high cleanliness requirements | Implementation: cleaning line with 4-step cleaning process | Process: immersion cleaning PURIMA develops sophisticated modular system for cleaning engine components. For a major customer in the aviation industry, PURIMA, a long-standing expert in special machine construction in

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