Drying is an important element in industrial parts cleaning

Whether air-circulation drying, vacuum drying or condensation drying: the thorough cleaning of parts of all kinds also involves the complete removal of the liquid process residues. Only then can components be further processed seamlessly in your process chain. This also reduces the risk of corrosion processes. PURIMA always tailors the drying process very precisely to the component geometry, surface and requirements – for a perfect cleaning and drying result.  

Continuous dryer in which battery tray components are dried.

Case studies.

Customer projects at a glance.

Case Study Rototronic-Grosse cleaning solution

Large workpieces – Large cleaning solution#.

Order: cleaning engine components | Challenge: complex geometries and high cleanliness requirements | Implementation: cleaning line with 4-step cleaning process | Process: immersion cleaning PURIMA FACILITATES FULLY AUTOMATED CLEANING OF 110-TONNE ENGINE BLOCKS FOR SHIP ENGINES. Complex workpieces cleaning, rinsing and drying that have a weight comparable to that of

Cleaning components E cars

Fully automated cleaning on a length of 30 meters#.

Job: Cleaning system for battery tray components | Challenge: Strict customer requirements and integration into high cycle times of existing production lines | Implementation: FLOWTRONIC® H-V-HD system | Process: Horizontal conveyor line in 5 process chambers and 3 drying zones PURIMA develops intelligent FLOWTRONIC® system for the automotive industry. A

Case Study Rototronic plant

Fine cleaning of components for dual clutch transmissions#.

Job: cleaning of clutch transmission components | Challenge: complex gears and pinions to be cleaned | Implementation: different treatment stages on minimal footprint | Process: Spray cleaning, pressure flooding, ultrasound No particle > 200 micrometers at a cycle time of 1 s per component. At one of the largest automotive

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