Component cleaning for electric vehicles.

Applications for the automotive industry.

The market for electric vehicles is growing steadily, and with it the requirements for industrial cleaning of the components installed in them. PURIMA has already implemented several plant solutions for well-known major customers that solve demanding cleaning tasks precisely and in a user-friendly manner. Read for yourself!

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Cleaning battery trays for e-vehicles

In the industrial production of electric vehicles a large number of new structural components are being used. Often made of aluminum, geometrically complex workpieces like battery trays are an integral part of the overall design of modern vehicles. In the course of production, the residue-free cleaning and degreasing of the components the rinsing of chips and the pickling and passivation pickling and passivation in preparation for the following welding processes is essential. Our worldwide unique, modular system technologies Flowtronic® and Rototronic® clean aluminum workpieces of any shape, size and complexity to the highest cleanliness requirements in time with your production. Let our ‘clean’ results convince you.

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The challenge

The requirements for preparing electric vehicle components for subsequent welding or coating operations are diverse:

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professional cleaning is what counts

Aluminum is an increasingly relevant material for material that is becoming more and more relevant. In particular, properties such as the lightness and stability of the material, or the possibility of being able to recycle it almost without loss, make it so attractive for many sectors, such as the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, the packaging industry or transportation. This makes it all the more important to clean the aluminum efficiently and reliably during ongoing production before it can be transferred to final production.

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More than 30 years ago, PURIMA set out to support customers with individual challenges in the production process. This has been an essential part of the company’s DNA since its foundation and drives us every day. In contact with customers we want to understand all requirements exactly, so that we can realize the best solution. In order to achieve the customer’s goals, we always carry out an exact needs analysis based on this and combine different processes and production steps in a targeted manner in a cleaning, air handling or heating technology system – this saves space in production and conserves capital. We always maintain an open, transparent and appreciative exchange with our business partners: in our view, this is the basis for mutual success.

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Every project begins with an idea or a client request. The best solutions emerge in a joint dialogue with our clients from all over the world. Contact us and take the first step towards your customised system solution in the field of industrial parts cleaning or the capture of harmful substances. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!