Basket washer.

As many cleaning steps as
necessary, as compressed as possible

Aqueous basket washers treat serial parts in high quantities or individual single parts with highest cleanliness requirements by multiple layer changes. In the modular, multi-stage system, all common cleaning processes such as ultrasonic, pressure flooding, high-pressure water, spray and immersion cleaning can be combined. In one or more chambers, the processes run sequentially but in a freely programmable manner. Various drying technologies, including vacuum drying, ensure that components are completely dry.

Basket washers can optimally treat especially geometrically complex components by multiple position changes in the immersion or spraying process above and below the bath level. For this purpose, the component is set in rotation inside the chamber.

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The basket washer construction kit

Basket washers are based on our flexible and freely scalable modular system, consisting of a large number of well-engineered components and assemblies.
Together with you, we configure and scale an individual cleaning solution, precisely tailored to the respective application.

Basket washer

All in One

A wide variety of processes in a very confined space. In the basket washer, the different processes are applied in one chamber. Furthermore, several process steps are possible one after the other. In this way, spraying or ultrasonic, immersion or pressure flooding processes can be implemented in one chamber. By integrating different media tanks, several processes can be applied one after the other, e.g. cleaning and multiple rinsing. For drying, processes such as circulating air or vacuum drying are used, also in this chamber. During all processes, the position of the component can be changed to reliably reach all areas. This space-saving design, coupled with a high degree of flexibility in the selection of various handling systems for loading and unloading, are ideal prerequisites for optimum component cleaning in step with your production.

Performance data that convinces

Shortest cycle times with highest residual dirt requirements are everyday life for our basket washers. Challenge us!

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The frame and housing of our industrial parts cleaning systems are assembled by our experienced experts from high-quality stainless steel components – For maximum durability and highest availability with low maintenance. Quality “Made in Germany”.

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Basket washer

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By changing the position several times to the cleaning target


The correct cleaning procedure - adapted to your workpiece

In the basket washers, we can flexibly combine all common cleaning processes in multi-stage process steps – For the optimum cleanliness of your component


efficient, accurate and sustainable

Basket washers are the first choice when it comes to cleaning with the highest cleanliness requirements and the smallest footprint. Their performance data makes them suitable for a wide range of tasks in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors: Automotive industry including cleaning of electric vehicle components, aerospace, hydraulics and pneumatics, electronics, optics, coating industry, medical technology, railroad industry and many more.

Paint stripping.

Paint stripping.














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Reinheit ist messbar – Im hauseigenen Technikum führen unsere Prozessingenieure ausführliche Probenreinigungen mit Ihren Originalbauteilen durch. Das Ziel ist die perfekte Abstimmung der Faktoren Mechanik, Temperatur, Chemie und Zeit. Dabei ermitteln wir nicht nur die optimale Verfahrenstechnik sondern entwickeln in unserem Labor auch gleich die darauf perfekt abgestimmten Reinigungschemikalien. Unsere Reiniger erfüllen nicht nur höchste Anforderungen an Reinigungswirkung und Umweltverträglichkeit – auch die Wirtschaftlichkeit ist eine wichtige Voraussetzung. Unsere jahrzehntelange Erfahrung wächst mit jedem umgesetzten Projekt.

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