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Flushing and testing systems are used in the industrial cleaning of geometrically complex piping systems such as fluid, air conditioning and servo components with the highest cleanliness requirements. This system technology enables the combination of a wide variety of process steps through customer-specific component adapters. In this way, complex types of pipes and lines made of different materials or different material joints, inside and outside can be treated. The flexible system technology with many adjustment options ensures effective cleaning and testing of a wide range of parts.

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The rinsing and testing systems in a modular system

The plants are based on a flexible and freely scalable modular system consisting of a large number of well-engineered components and assemblies. Together with you, we configure and scale an individual cleaning solution, precisely tailored to the respective application.

Rinsing and testing system

Treatment steps as individual as your component

Single adaptation enables individual treatment of an assembly with a wide variety of processes and several media. These include, for example:

Process flow optimization

Our rinsing and testing systems can be designed as twin or multi systems. The plant is divided into several working chambers. While cleaning and testing is in progress in one working chamber, assembly with new modules can already be carried out in other chambers – either manually or fully automatically. At this point, we calculate the optimum for you, taking into account, among other things, the treatment time and the effort required to change the component.

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Due to the individual adaptation, we achieve the shortest cycle times through the development of suitable quick-change systems and the direct treatment of an assembly Residual contamination in the range of < 100 µm residual particle size is everyday life for this type of system. Challenge us!

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The frame and housing of our industrial parts cleaning systems are assembled by our experienced experts from high-quality stainless steel components – For maximum durability and highest availability with low maintenance. Quality “Made in Germany”.

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Rinsing and testing system

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Industrial cleaning and testing system with single adaptation


The correct cleaning procedure - adapted to your workpiece

In rinsing and testing systems, we can flexibly combine a variety of cleaning and testing methods in multi-stage process steps – For optimum cleanliness and testing of your component


efficient, accurate and sustainable

Industrial rinsing and testing systems are the first choice when it comes to particularly high cleanliness requirements in combination with component testing. With their performance data, they are suitable for a wide range of tasks in many different areas of manufacturing: automotive industry, aerospace, hydraulics and pneumatics, medical technology, railroad industry and many more. Typical assemblies with these requirements are, for example, ABC piping systems, air conditioning and servo pipes, heat exchangers, coolers or other complex and sensitive piping systems. Flushing and testing equipment allows you to test pressure flow, pressure and tightness, among other things.










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We determine the right cleaning solution for you

Purity is measurable – In our in-house technical center, our process engineers perform extensive sample cleanings with your original components. The goal is the perfect coordination of the factors mechanics, temperature, chemistry and time. We not only determine the optimum process technology, but also develop the perfectly matched cleaning chemicals in our laboratory. Our cleaners not only meet the highest requirements for cleaning efficiency and environmental compatibility – cost-effectiveness is also an important prerequisite. Our decades of experience grow with every project we implement.

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Every project begins with an idea or a client request. The best solutions emerge in a joint dialogue with our clients from all over the world. Contact us and take the first step towards your customised system solution in the field of industrial parts cleaning or the capture of harmful substances. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!