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Lightweight construction in aviation is becoming increasingly important, right down to the smallest component

The aviation industry is also permanently engaged in reducing fuel consumption and emissions in order to increase profitability and improve the environmental footprint. During the complex production of aircraft interior linings, a wide variety of molding tools are required, which must be cleaned of residues on a cyclical basis. PURIMA builds a cleaning plant with high water pressure for this application. The innovative process was previously developed with a renowned aircraft manufacturer and successfully integrated into production.

Costly tools require gentle cleaning

Due to the many different component geometries and the absolutely necessary fitting accuracy of the end product, the surface of the high-precision molds must not be changed or damaged by the cleaning process. However, the previous manual process means that the tools have to be regularly reworked, which is time-consuming and costly. In the PURIMA cleaning system, cleaning is carried out with high water pressure by a robot with adjustable pressure, which removes the impurities but does not attack the component surface. The CAD data of the molds can be used to precisely preprogram the robot movements in offline mode. If manual work is necessary on a tool, this can be carried out at a second, ergonomically designed workstation.

Complete integration into automated high-bay warehouse

The cleaning system communicates with the existing high-bay warehouse. If a cleaning order is generated via a higher-level system control, the high-bay warehouse transfers the mold to the cleaning system fully automatically. The data exchange between the cleaning system and the high-bay warehouse ensures that the corresponding characteristic data and thus the robot program to be used are automatically preselected. After cleaning, the clean tool is returned to the high-bay warehouse.


For more than 30 years PURIMA has been the specialist for special plant engineering in the field of industrial parts cleaning, air technology and heat technology. Today, our plant concepts ‘made in OWL’ convince cross-industry customers from all over the world. Our customers include well-known companies from all branches of the manufacturing industry.