Step-by-step customer support: PURIMA enables cleaning of marine engines even before full automation is completed#.

Manual solution enables maintenance of ongoing operations

Approximately 6 months are estimated for the demolition of the old plant, the construction of foundations and the new installation of the PURIMA plant. However, since production at the plant must not be impaired, we installed an interim solution for manual cleaning for the customer to bridge the gap. Production can be maintained in this way. After commissioning of the new plant, the interim solution can be dismantled again in just a few steps.

Cleaning in the tent in large floor tub

Outside the customer’s production halls, PURIMA welded a large bottom trough (15,200 x 9,500 mm), which is equipped with a channel and a pump sump on the entry side. For safety and weather reasons, this is covered with a tent. At the facility, employees can manually clean the ship’s engines using hand lances and a high-pressure water unit. The used medium collects in the sump and is pumped through the trough and pump sump into a tank system with filtration, from which the high-pressure water device is fed again.


For more than 30 years PURIMA has been the specialist for special plant engineering in the field of industrial parts cleaning, air technology and heat technology. Today, our plant concepts ‘made in OWL’ convince cross-industry customers from all over the world. Our customers include well-known companies from all branches of the manufacturing industry.