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PURIMA receives another major order in electromobility#.

A well-known, globally active automotive supplier has placed an order with PURIMA for the production of a pretreatment plant. In the plant, different components from different battery trays are prepared for the subsequent bonding and welding process.

Cleaning components E cars
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Fully automated cleaning on a length of 30 meters#.

A fully automated and integrated into the customer’s infrastructure integrated cleaning system for components of battery trays, which are used as fixed components in e-vehicles PURIMA, the Porta Westfalica-based expert for industrial component cleaning, has successfully implemented a cleaning system for a major customer in the automotive industry. Along a production line, these are first machined and deburred and then require thorough cleaning. And then require thorough cleaning which completely removes both remaining traces of oil and chips.

Case Study Rototronic plant
Case study

Fine cleaning of components for dual clutch transmissions#.

At one of the largest automotive manufacturers, geometrically complex gears and pinions for dual-clutch transmissions have to be cleaned particle-free in high volumes. Cleaning is performed after surface compaction by blasting with steel beads. After cleaning, the components are sent directly to final assembly. Particles in the gearbox inevitably destroy the function of automatic shifting and thus lead to high follow-up costs.

Case Study Rototronic plant
Case study

Ultrasonic cleaning of precision tubes#.

For an internationally active supplier to the automotive industry, air conditioning components have to be cleaned for smooth installation. These are thin-walled, straight and three-dimensionally very complex bent aluminum tubes. After soldering, they must be cleaned inside and out free of particles, rinsed and dried. Purification takes place in PURIMA’s own specially developed plants, which are designed for high throughputs with demanding cleanliness requirements.

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