Commissioning of a robot system for cleaning components from exhaust gas cooling systems#.

Cleaning heat exchanger automobile

Highest purity guarantee despite complex component geometry and minimal space requirements

The components are fed to the plant after mechanical processing and are contaminated with particles, oils and greases. Tests in the PURIMA pilot plant have shown that a combination of multiple alternating rinsing and ultrasonic treatment in alkaline aqueous solution provides optimum cleaning results. After cleaning, the components are rinsed 2 times. One of the systems is installed on a platform and had to be divided into 6 individual modules for transport due to small feed routes in the plant and low ceiling heights already in the design phase.

Fully automated system enables high cycle times with high parts diversity

The plant is integrated into a fully automated production nest, is loaded and unloaded with robots and is operated in three shifts. Due to different components on the same production line, the component fixtures are universally designed. Each of the 4 different components has a defined place on the fixture. It is not necessary to retool the system when changing components.

Reliable handling in the plant by robots

The components are highly scoopable and complex in their geometry. A robot is installed in the plant to maintain the high cycle times and to prepare for drying. The robot serves as a transfer unit between the processes and empties scooping areas by making several turns of up to 180° at defined angles. A hot air dryer and a vacuum dryer with 2 positions guarantee complete dryness of the components when they are discharged from the system.


For more than 30 years PURIMA has been the specialist for special plant engineering in the field of industrial parts cleaning, air technology and heat technology. Today, our plant concepts ‘made in OWL’ convince cross-industry customers from all over the world. Our customers include well-known companies from all branches of the manufacturing industry.