for proper maintenance

Whether it is galvanic coatings, paint coatings or even ceramic coatings: In many cases, the removal of an existing coating on industrial surfaces or parts is necessary. For example, to repair tools or machine parts or to prevent corrosion processes. The base material should not be damaged in the process. PURIMA’s water-based industrial parts cleaning is therefore a particularly gentle process.

Component images#.

High-pressure water jet with pressure of up to 4,000 bar.

Surface tools whose contours are being decoated using high-pressure water in a robot-controlled procedure.


Pickling and passivation
After decoating

In surface technology, electrochemical or chemical processes such as pickling and passivation are used to prepare workpiece surfaces specifically for subsequent processing steps. Pickling removes oxide layers so that the components are pre-treated for subsequent production processes. Passivation can be performed in a separate treatment step or combined with pickling. In the pretreatment of parts and components, for example, these processes are a basic prerequisite for a professional soldered and welded joint or high-quality paint finish. We would be pleased to integrate these processes for you with further process steps in our plant technology.

Case Studies#.

Customer projects at a glance#.

Robotics + ROTOTRONIC® = top cleaning solution#.

New order from us: Following intensive trials, PURIMA has designed a unique system for the international maintenance and repair plant of a German manufacturer of machines for the production of technical films and high-quality packaging materials, which will be implemented in the coming months.

Case Study Rototronic-Grosse cleaning solution

Large workpieces – Large cleaning solution#.

Complex workpieces cleaning, rinsing and drying that have a weight comparable to that of an Airbus A350: This was the task faced by parts cleaning specialist PURIMA from Porta Westfalica. For a major customer who, among other things, manufactures engines for the shipping industry, the task was to develop an automated cleaning system that cleans large-dimensioned cylinder crankcases of ship engines fully automatically and efficiently: The housings can weigh up to 110 t.

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