Robotics + ROTOTRONIC® = top cleaning solution#.

Job: Cleaning of machine components for the production of technical films and packaging materials | Challenge:  high cleanliness requirements and heavy soiling | Realisation: Automated cleaning system of the ROTOTRONIC® type with robot-controlled high-pressure water pre-cleaning | Process: Diverse 

PURIMA will soon be using an innovative continuous cleaning system to clean high-quality components from machines for the production of technical films

New order from us: For the international maintenance and repair plant of a German manufacturer of machines for the production of technical films and high-quality packaging materials, PURIMA has developed a unique facility conceptualised, which will be implemented in the coming months.

Previously, cleaning tests with original parts in our in-house technical centre had shown that the heavily soiled components that come into the maintenance plant from all over the world can be cleaned to the customer’s satisfaction only through a combination of different cleaning methods. Based on this, our specialists have designed a system that follows the proven PURIMA-ROTOTRONIC© process – continuous cleaning.

Robot cleans with high-pressure water pre

A special and essential feature of the plant? – In the first cleaning step, the components, which are used to pull the films through the production line and are regularly greased, with a robot with integrated rotating nozzle head and high water pressure up to to 1.500 bar pre-cleaned with city water. The integrated rotary nozzle head applies the components comprehensively and with great force. Pre-cleaning – like the subsequent treatment stages – takes place in a closed dip tank. Only then is further cleaning carried out using injection pressure flooding and ultrasound. Rinsing, the next treatment step for the components, is then also carried out by injection pressure flooding. Depending on the cleaning programme, the components are finally optionally preserved or directly ejected. Sustainability and cost-effectiveness also play an important role in the PURIMA system: To increase efficiency and conserve resources, the operator can, depending on the degree of soiling of the components to be cleaned, skip individual steps.

This ROTOTRONIC® cleaning system with robot-controlled pre-cleaning is new at PURIMA.

Professional preparation of cleaning media

Due to the high volume of dirt – These are predominantly burnt-in lubricating greases – PURIMA also uses a so called Sepatronic module : Sinking contamination is removed from the collection tank of the Sepatronic module via a screw conveyor, floating contamination is rinsed from the bath surface of the collection tank and fed to a belt filter for further separation. Subsequently, smaller particles are separated via bag and cartridge filters. A vacuum evaporation system is used to recirculate the high-pressure water from the pre-cleaning and to treat the rinsing water. Over the weekend, the used cleaning solution from the cleaning tank using ultrasound automatically prepared.

Incidentally, thanks to the interaction of the various techniques for treating the process liquids, the system works wastewater-free.

We are very pleased about this exciting new contract and will keep you up to date!